Monday, February 15, 2010

It's their Kraft thats killin em!

  • 3.69 @ a 7% markup is 3.94
  • 3.69 @ a 49% Markup is 5.49
  • Small Frie 1.29
  • Small drink 1$

    = the only way That Wendy's can make money off of this sammich is if you get Cheese on it. If you don't and just get the Combo then Wendy's stands to Lose 49cents eeerytime you pick up a Premium Fish Fillet. I know this means absolutely nuffin but I just wanted to write about it. #DontJudgeme
His Side of the Bed

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  1. It actually means a lot because most people don't eat a fish sandwich without cheese. I think that they know this. Same thing pertains to Burger King. They're pretty smart.