Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Jacked sense of Logic

Formal Introductions aren't necessary and this isn't a formal engagement so Allow me to Re-Introduce myself for the first time I'm Jay you can Call me Bird and this Is the part where I explain things from my side of the bed. To get you warmed up to who I think I already am. I don't always make sense, and I never expect anyone to agree but at least to me... I'm always right. I'm unapologetic-ally me and that shiz feels awesome! Judgmental; no, Empathetic; Not really, Understanding; At times, Friendly; Not so much, But A Friend; Till the mutha effin wheels fall off!

I had a unique experience of attending Elementary(cherryhill), Middle(northeast), and High School(West) in 3 different parts of town and got to see first hand how people projected who they thought they were to become because of what they saw whether is was productive or not. I knew sh1T stunk and sometimes I stepped in it(Project Chicks) but for the most part I walked the str8 line and avoided what I could to stay out of harms way. Household was predominately dominated by women, even the Doberman was a Bitch so I can hear when stuff is going off the hinges before it happens YET I still let the fight come(bring it) simply because its just cooler that way.If you have a Q in your name I won't date you. You can't hurt my feelings but you can catch me off-balanced if u want me to read into things. I'm hella big on communication but shut down cuz i don't feel like talking. I don't like guns but feel the need to punch people in the mouth all the time. I'd never do things outta malice or spite because that's not how you treat people. Walk away, you'll feel better about the rest of your life. I think Truth is Love and Love is Gawd and I wouldn't have it any other way. I agree with the Pot calling the Kettle Black, but if you aren't apart of this cookware then you have no right to intrude. I am Abnormally Average The Confirmed Contradiction who only has answers for himself, and I'm cute too.

I say all that to say I'm fugged up and I'm going to tell you allllllllllll about it. Lets debate without being defensive and lets discuss with open minds. You better bring it cuz im already here and i wont waste my time on anything meaningless. If u can relate to any of what I've mentioned... ur prolly fugged up too, but thats alright

His side of the Bed

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