Monday, November 30, 2009

Riding Dirty, Tiger Woods Edition

- Always look ahead: Because that's where the exit is, looking back might get u hit with a 9iron
- Hold your tongue: Get your legal team in line so the story sounds str8 when its presented to the public
-Phuk the police: When they knock on your door turn em away. You'll talk when you feel like it.
-Money aint everything: Even a billionaire gets caught up in crazy shit with chickens from time to time. And sometimes marries em.
-When u phuk up, PHUK UP: Have you seen Rachel Uchitel ?
She looks like a man eater! I'm positive it was worth it. She got crazy in her eyes, and we all know crazy got that good-good.
- Keep it private: So what the world will speculate on how many times she lumped you up as a man you aint gotta say nuffin different other than "family matter"
- Honor thy wife: If it wasn't for those damn tabloids you wouldn't have this problem cuz you kept it on the low low. Call her a hero for smashing out the back window in a rage. Breaking the window to rescue u from your dented vehicle.
-Proceed with caution: driving under 33MPH means the airbag didnt deploy, which means ur attempted get away sucked, prolly cuz Elin knocked u the Phuk OUT and all u could do was lean the Escalade to Neutral.

However I wish he didnt apologize cuz he said he aint do nuffin and I also wish his chin wasn't so weak cuz that whole mouth full of blood look isn't the bidness if your not a prize fighter.

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