Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ebony and... Whatever color Becky is

I do things for the sake of controversy and to instigate shiz or whatever and recently I shared a link on my Facebook page. The site claims it's purpose is to inspire, motivate and teach. The site also says the pictures pose the question- is it possible that some sisters, are driving brothers away? That's a cop out if you ask me and its excusing a major part of the equation putting the emphasis especally on one segment over the other. Where's the love Field Negro?

I could never really say it's ALL Her fault over mine, but of course her shiz plays it's role and has been playing it for decades(see the pic of Freddy Douglass). People feel entitled period, and a lot of what I know is Sistas, especially, aren't quick to submit and/or say O.K. It's gotta make sense to em, and off of principle alone they don't trust yo ass cuz they daddy never gave em much to believe in. So why should they believe some guy that just wants to lay in their hotpocket, get em pregnant, only to leave em to be with another chicken anyways? Men on the other-hand -we've started to kinda know our value and we've been feeling ourselves real heavy right now. Blame Jay-Z(30's the new 20 from Kingdom come. Wanna talk about avoidance of responsiblity-theres your theme music). We don't have a countdown to a certain age(30). We don't look at what we haven't done and where we think we should be because honestly we DONT REMEMBER THE DAY BEFORE. It's not a calendar or a stop-watch or anything of the sort for us. So it's all fair to play on playa.

There really isnt an Easy answer. Just cuz really is a good reason sometimes and U can't hit every phatty at the bar I say that to say there is a bit sacrifice both sides could give into to get to that grand compromise with the 2 bedroom 2 bath condo with the Volvo in your reserved spot. You might not find the person of your dreams or your perfect compliment along the way and he/she may have a different ethnic makeup than you do, or have the rhythm of a praying mantis with knocked knees but the most important characteristic your partner needs to have is... they MUST think Coming to America is a cinema Classic. If they dont, break up with em and forget they ever existed. And thats Real fuggin Talk

His Side of the Bed

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  1. that was great! i'm going to comment from a black woman's side...on one hand some black women tend to clump the black men all into one group, telling them how worthless they are, and what they don't have, but we get mad when he finds someone who supports him and values his worth because she isn't black.
    to that i say we have to put up or shut the hell up!