Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pain Stakingly Hard

I always always have had headaches and I'm sure it's cuz something physiologically wrong with me. I need to be checked out and investigated n stuff. Im totally aware and positively sure the cause is my bad habits. BUT ima still blame it on something external cuz thats what people do.

  • - The Big gurl in Precious. That grimace she cant help but to make gives me headaches
  • - Chris Browns voice, whether he's talking or singing it gives me a headache.
  • - When 3 or more of my co-workers wear the same colored shirt. Office Rule is they must go take glamor shouts together
  • - Pretty women with pancake booties. Ur not worth a damn if yo drawls got wrinkles in the back
  • - Mcdonalds sneaking the 4 piece nugget off of the dollar menu
  • - A day without Tiger woods in the headlines. That's my motivation. Make a billion and not fugg bottom bitties
  • - Sweater-vests, with Pockets. Self explanatory
  • - Beyonce's sweaty upper lip. Don't pretend it doesnt give u a shooting migraine when u see it.
  • - All things 106 and Park
  • - Too many tattoos... on your face
  • - Lifetime, Oxygen, and the Fine Living Network(s)
  • - Going into Home Depot and getting shit like Weed Killer and Bug Spray
  • - Relationships that exist entirely online. She/he's not calling you for a reason dumbass!
  • - Dudes who show up for job interviews with suits that are too big and cornrows that are too tight
  • - My female friends always telling me about their conquest, and giving detailed specifics.
  • - Spongebob
  • - Broke Rappers

Im sure there are more things I can blame my headache on. "Aww crap my gas tank is on E. PHUK now I got a headache!". Then again its not really blame if its the truth.

His side of the Bed

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