Monday, December 7, 2009

Venting Volume 1

The Vent begins

The days run into each other and weekends lose their meaning

Every purchase is a major debate and you live by what you need instead of what you want

Compromise becomes a word you hate but can’t afford to be without

You question your abilities and your worth

Surfing the internet is an activity that consumes you’re days and nights

And every call from a number you don’t recognize makes you jump to attention

The little luxuries mean more than you ever thought they would

While hearing the words “how are you?” makes you cringe and respond with the obligatory, “I’m fine.” Even though at times you feel anything but

You question decisions you’ve made in the past and wonder if change will indeed be for the better

Yet everyday you can’t but hope for the best

This is life as an unemployed professional

And it sucks but its real!

Vent over

Female out

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