Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beds Were Made for Two

We are not created as solitary creatures, rather as individuals meant to establish a pair. This pair should be well suited to navigate this ocean of life for their mutual benefit and those of their offspring. Though I’ve described it clinically, when done right, it’s the single most beautiful thing in existence and secretly we all want it. Those who say they don’t – You’re All Liars!

We are not meant to be alone. Don’t get me wrong. People can be happy single but a life without the enrichment and warmth of true love is one that I reject. As do many of the women in my life. The career women, the activists, the single mothers, and all those in between, all covet a loving partner - one to share their lives with, the joys and the pains.

So if it’s something that we all want, why are so many of us still single? No one wants to work at anymore. It’s never simple or easy, nor does it fall into place like all the romantic comedies and novels that we watch and read. It’s hard! Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do in my life.

First, a lot of women have this ideal image of what a man is suppose to be. But are we the ideal women that we can be? Men and women, we’re all works in progress. I’m not going to quote the 80/20 rule because we’ve all seen the Tyler Perry movie. But, it’s the heart of the person that matters. The rest can be worked out, that is if you’re willing. The question that you have to ask your self is “are you willing to fight for love?” Time and time again it will prove to be an uphill battle. But it’s worth it.

No one come baggage free and there are always obstacles and pitfalls.

So when you’re gifted with someone that loves you and you love them, they support you and you support them, they are true to you and you are true to them, hold on. And if you haven’t yet been blessed with that person, keep your heart open to the possibilities of what the universe holds for you. Don’t let non-consequential things like height, kids, previous relationships, money, baggage, weight, swagger, status or shine keep you from what could be the best part of you.

Until next time,

The Lady on the Other Side of the Bed,

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